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Why Forex Matters for African SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa are VITAL to boosting the economies of emerging countries. In the case of South Africa, this impact  is unmistakable, as they employ over 3 million people and contribute roughly 34% to

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The Reality of Payments in Africa

Making payments from one African country to another isn’t easy, or cheap. We recently spoke to Elizabeth, who found herself needing to make a payment to a contractor located in Zimbabwe.  “It took almost a week for the

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The Digital Path to Inclusivity in Africa

Financial inclusivity, in simple terms, means ensuring that everyone, regardless of their identity or location, has access to essential financial services such as banking, insurance, and digital transactions. According to The Global Findex Database survey in 2021, 55

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The Hidden Cost of Cash

In South Africa today, cash transactions continue to dominate the majority of financial activities. Despite a banked population that exceeds 85%, South Africa still has a high reliance on cash relative to some other countries. According to BankservAfrica,

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Why Africa Needs Crypto

Africa is a continent with many challenges. The continent is largely underdeveloped and unbanked. According to data, around 57% of Africans do not hold any form of bank account. Cryptocurrencies can provide much needed access to financial services

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The Rise of the Neobanks

The global financial crisis of 2008 was a pivotal moment in the history of banking. The crisis exposed the shortcomings of the traditional banking system and led to a loss of trust in banks among consumers. In the

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