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Neobank, Be Mobile Africa, Launches Crypto Trading to South Africans

Cape Town, 13 February 2023 – Today, neobank Be Mobile Africa has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency exchange platform which enables individuals in South Africa to buy and trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL) as well as USD stable-coins such as USDC. The service is live and available immediately to all South African users. Users are able to convert ZAR to crypto, and visa versa. 

Despite the challenges faced by the tech industry and the crypto market in 2022, Be Mobile Africa, which launched in South Africa last year, has experienced significant growth in both user registration and app usage. Historically, the platform has leveraged blockchain technology to facilitate low-cost, rapid, and transparent peer-to-peer transactions. Now, it is offering this capability to its users, allowing them to purchase, retain, and trade cryptocurrencies. The launch of the cryptocurrency trading platform marks the start of Be Mobile Africa’s mission to bring digital currencies to everyone. 

Be Mobile Africa is taking a giant leap forward with the introduction of its cryptocurrency trading platform, which will transform the way South Africans engage with digital currencies. The platform is designed to be secure, simple, and intuitive, offering users a convenient and seamless way to trade and manage their crypto holdings.

According to Dr. Cédric Jeannot, CEO of Be Mobile Africa, “Enabling our users to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies easily and securely is a natural evolution for us. Many local African currencies are losing value against the US Dollar, and accessing USD stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies is a way to preserve wealth for many.”

Be Mobile Africa is committed to providing its users with the highest level of security and has implemented strict security measures to ensure the safety of its users’ assets. 

The launch of Be Mobile Africa’s cryptocurrency trading platform is set to shake up the crypto market in South Africa and provide users with a new and simpler way to access and trade cryptocurrencies. The company plans to add additional cryptocurrencies in the near future. 

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About Be Mobile Africa

Be Mobile Africa is a neobank that provides affordable banking services to individuals and businesses across 30 countries in Africa. In March 2022, Be Mobile Africa was the subject of a Harvard Business School case study.  

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